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Today, we are tackling a slightly different theme, because I have a crush on you.

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Did you know that the new Flexa stroller is compatible with the super Nuna Pipa? 

I like. 

It's so much the type of set that I love! But I show you why. 

1 - Nuna Pipa

In addition to the new Graphite 2019 collection, the Nuna Pipa is the most adored shell of moms. Often, we are divided between the magnificent City Go of Baby Jogger and the Nuna Pipa. Between you and me, I have never managed to separate myself completely. 

Lightness despite the equipment

As you probably know, the Nuna Pipa also includes the Pipa Lite and the Pipa Lite LX. These are ultra-light shells in which baby will stay much less. This is why I tend to direct you to the regular Pipa rather than the Lite. 

Here we have an acceptable weight, which will be used until baby is 35 lbs or the maximum size allowed. 

Undeniable accessories

What I like even more about Nuna are their accessories. 

They can offer us a sunshade integrated into the shell canopy, as well as a comfortable seat unlike brands such as Graco and company. The child will not have an unpleasant feeling for a long time. 

In addition, the non-slip handle will offer you exceptional stability.

Premium products 

And yes, fabrics and materials are far from being overlooked. Here, no poor measure. 

We find a 50 + UV awning, accompanied by a Jean feeling which offers complete waterproofing!


2 - Diono Flexa

We were waiting for that one. Created for non-puzzles, the Diona Flexa is a charm for all parents wishing to save space and time without compromising on quality. 

Let us remember that Diono started with its seats among the best on the market, focusing on the convenience and ease of transport that we so often lack with its types of products. 

Here we have a comfortable stroller, combining easy and practical. Of city, it remains a choice of the most advised. 


And yes! The Diono Flexa is also made for transport by plane! A charm! 

What do you think? Reserve your trial period now! 

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