Survive the terrible 2

The famous terrible 2, this phase where parents sometimes run out of patience. How to survive it? Here are some great tips!

1) Try to be Zen and put things into perspective

Easier said than done, but being zen in crisis situations for our little ones greatly helps to get through without losing patience. A good way to stay calm is to isolate yourself (in a room other than the child in crisis, if possible) and take 3 deep breaths. You can also read explanations on the main learning phases of children. You will see that the reactions of your 2 year old are completely normal and that you are not the only ones to go through this.


2) Support your child through his emotions and help him understand them

The crises often come from badly managed emotions which are experienced very intensely by the little ones. In a calm situation, teach him the different emotions and put names on them. You can show him the associated facial expressions yourself, or choose a reading book. In times of crisis, you can try to defuse the situation by naming it its emotion to legitimize it and to show it that you understand it.


3) Give him tips to externalize his negative emotions

In a calm situation, choose together a place in the house where he can calm down when the crises occur. Also teach him to take deep breaths to regain a calmer state of mind; this will be particularly useful when the seizures are outside the home.


And finally, remember: the terrible 2 will eventually pass, so have courage!

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