One of the responsibilities of every parent is to make their children well-educated and useful to society. We must always make sure that everything they see and encounter in life affects them positively. For this, we must watch over what inspires them so that they receive a good education.

It is not really possible to keep our children happy. We are human beings. They will be dependent if we interfere too much in their lives. Wanting to protect them too much, by intervening in their lives, will only make them more dependent and more afraid to take the risks necessary for their survival.

Throughout their lives, our children will meet many people who will face many situations that will deeply influence their perspectives and their actions. Especially for the youngest, who do not always know how to discern what is good or bad. Sometimes they can be overwhelmed, and end up suffering the negative consequences of these influences.

Fortunately, as parents, we can take action to help our children avoid or overcome bad influences. Here are some tips to help children better:

First: Find out about the child's educational and socio-cultural context

You have a culture different from that of your child, so it is necessary to know the behavioral tendency of children the same age as your child. With the advent of the Internet and other reliable sources of communication, research is more difficult.

Always give your family lots of love and time

For psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend, children mainly expect three things from their parents to become good people: love, limits and time.

Children of all ages need to feel loved, which can be done through physical ailments, emotional words, encouragement, and good remarks.

They also need to know early on that there are limits not to be crossed, rules to be followed and tasks to be performed. Without this, they will never know to what extent or in what direction their actions must be carried.

And despite our busy schedules, we need to give them as much time as possible, and we alone, as parents, should give them that.

Keep the lines of communication always open

Whatever they want to know or share, such as sex or drugs, you need to understand what concerns them. As shocking as it sounds, you should also be careful how you react to them. Your children need a listening ear, not a rebuke. This will help you show how interested you are in their lives to establish a more sociable environment in the family.

Be a good example for your children

The idea that "practice what you preach" is the best way to educate your children. You must have a sense of respect for the word given, for responsibility for the act, especially for sensitive areas such as sex and smoking.

Whatever the situation, a child, especially if he is young, will go to his parents first, even if it is timidly, without addressing a subject that worries them. Be careful. A child will always be afraid of doing wrong because their parents are their greatest source of pride for them. They must be brought to speak, without judgment. Like a best friend.

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