As parents, we tend to do everything to protect our children. We want to do everything to prevent something from harming them. However, there are times when we do it, excessively, even when they should explore on their own.

Unfortunately, the actions that we think are beneficial for our children, can prevent them from developing their potentials and make them more dependent. It is obvious that no parent would like to see such things happen to their children.

So how do we know if we are overly protective parents? 

Here are some signs we should check you out for:

Manage ALMOST everything for our children.

Are you TOO close to your children? Deciding on every detail for them is not ideal. This can prevent them from finding and exploring many things around them, thus preventing them from knowing what their interest and potential are. 

Want to avoid at all costs that our children fail.

Thinking about our own cases of failure and disappointment, we must take steps to prevent our children from failing too.

No one is perfect, and as a result, sometimes you fail in certain things. Let the children experience setbacks and disappointments and you will surely be surprised how they will be able to cope.

Do not teach your children a sense of responsibility

You do everything for them instead of teaching them the basic things in life, to allow them to do it easily. It just encourages them to become irresponsible and addicted.

To console your child too much

Seeing our children upset and hurt themselves is a very difficult time for us parents. When this happens, we very generally tend to console our struggling children too much, instead of letting them ease their pain in a more natural and independent way.

Choose your children's friends for them

As parents, we believe that we always know what is best for our children, even when it comes to choosing their friends. If we insist that they form friendships, just because we think they are good friends and have a good influence on them, it is proof that we are trying to overprotect them. .
It is okay to advise them about choosing their friends, but forcing them to do so is certainly not a good idea.

Constantly reminding him of the problems of this world

All parents want their children to always be safe, which is why we make them aware of the potential dangers to which they may be exposed. So we advise them of the measures to take to avoid them, and even, to get out of them.
But if you keep telling them "don't do it!" and “stop doing this or that”, or if you scare them, just to keep them from doing things that maybe could be beneficial to them, all your kids will remember is negativity in your instructions, even if they can make good people out of them.

Prevent your children from exploring new perspectives

We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our children. However, they continue to make every effort to develop their capacities. Subconsciously, we prevent them from expanding their horizons.

For example, try! The child may well want other sports activities than those already learned. You will only prevent him from making decisions and acting on the consequences of those decisions.

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