P6 - 6 months during! I have learned...

Bebelelo 6 months

... 3 new things this month! 

Baby will never stop surprising us. Already, he can turn around to do all that! 

But what will he reveal to us this month? 

1 - No! I want to do it alone! 

We suspected, it had to happen. Baby try to sit alone! 

And yes! He can get there soon. He can say hello! I did it! You saw! 

Especially if baby is determined, it will happen quickly. 

2 - Ramp ... Ramp ... Oops! No! I said in front, not behind! 

Baby is now able to turn on his back as on his stomach. He can move his head completely and grab objects with his hands. 

Surprising, now he will try to crawl towards his goal! 

3 - Hen? My feet? 

I think it was one of the funniest moments I saw at Bébé. At this age, he will tend to want to straighten up completely. Especially if you showed baby that his legs were functional other than for mashing. 

He will do yoga .. Yes, Yes! Dog upside down! Butt up, head down! 


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