P4 - Croc Croc, the 4th month is coming!

Bebelelo 4 months

After the first few nights, I think it's the month (period) that parents fear most.

It is a special month, but also a real gateway to the little being he is about to become.

Let's see why:

1 - The teeth! Ice Cube!! Quickly!!

And yes, you have to go through it. Fortunately, there are a few little tricks, grandmother's tricks that have proven themselves (but that will never replace the care of a doctor).

Here I cite the ice cream, the finger, the comforter, the toy ...

If baby has a fever, don't panic. You can go to your doctor for tips to get the most out of this period.

2 - Roll, roll ...

And yes, he's starting to be on the move baby. He is able to roll from back to stomach and vice versa. It is advisable to leave Baby on his stomach at least 45 minutes a day during this period. We can separate it into three sections. This is what the Canadian order of pediatricians recommends.

He will make all his long muscles move in order to be in good shape later!

3 - No no Mom, I haven't moved! Promised!

Baby is starting to crawl! I'm not joking. It's too cute to see.

It can also be stretched to grab objects, make the arch (foot and arms stretched upwards).

Sometimes I even wonder if they are not born with a useful guide to muscle development ...

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