P2 - Eh? Already 2 months? Wow! Here are the 3 new discoveries!

Bebelelo 2 months baby

And yes ... Time flies at a crazy speed! 

But here's what Baby will learn next. The level will increase and offer you some surprises. 

The discoveries are just beginning. 

Nothing will be equaled the little treat to see our child marvel at the things we consider simple. 

1- He will begin to trace the movements of objects with the eyes! 

You know, the little things that hang over the bed? And yes, that, yes yes, the little elephant upstairs. Well, that's what we're talking about. 

The gaze is certainly at its maximum since its first month of life, but the observation of objects with attention will be done only during the third month of life. 

Baby will see more and more objects, will pay attention and curiosity to them. Trick? If baby cries, you know what to do to distract him! 


2 - Baby starts to raise his head! 

It is one of the heaviest parts of his body. His head is also what he will seek to protect at all costs. 

The neck will develop more and more, which will lead him to trust his cranial mobility and to try to see you when you get close to him. 

3 - Discover the thumb test! 

Babies are often precocious on this, but generally, babies develop a greater desire to suckle during the third month. He will taste his fingers, the toys, the cuddly toy ... the seat ... 


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