P3 - 3 months? 3 Discoveries!

Bebelelo 3 months baby

A quarter of his first year in your life has already passed. It's amazing what baby may have grown! 

Take a photo now and look at the birth photo. See all his progress! 

It's a real little miracle. 

Write down what will amaze you this month! 


1 - Hen? I took the parrot option myself? 

Well, yeah. It is a prerequisite! Baby will start to imitate all sounds, noises, words too. 

He will even imitate your facial expressions and expressions. Smiles, grimaces, frowns. Now is the time for fun selfies! 


2 - I fled pu mama! 

Eyes Tags! And yes! Baby learns to focus on you. It is also the moment when he has the impression of being under the camera and saying ... But where do these heads come from that make faces? 


3 - Ah! But yes! It's Mama! 

Among all, he will recognize you. He will understand who you are and what you are to him. 

It is especially fun to have someone who is now looking us in the face and who says, hello! Now if you make faces, I will find out! 


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