P1 - Baby at 1 month! What will be the next discovery? 3 new things

P1 - Baby at 1 month! What will be the next discovery? 3 new things

Wow! 1 month since birth! This is celebrated!

To do this, baby will offer you 3 new things that will fill your heart with pride.

Here they are ;

1 - His hearing will be fully developed!

And yes, he (or she) will hear like a charm. Will he listen to you? That is something else, but be certain that the amplified noises will pique his curiosity.

It will be the second phase of discovery after the eyes. Hang on! Most importantly, talk to your baby. Tone and sound often carry more than words.

2 - Pom Pom! Hello little fists

You see the photo above, where baby has a tiny little fist? Ohhhhhh ... We love to see it so much. Especially when he gives us a very strong finger!

It's his moment. Its when he clings to you with all his might!

It's one of the most magical moments with a baby

3 - It recognizes familiar sounds

Yes, of course, it makes sense. If baby has a fine ear, he will recognize the voice of Mom and Dad. He will know that Aunty is dipping her lollipop in sugar. He will know when you come to him.

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