P0 - What will your newborn discover in his first month?

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Pregnant? Wow! Congratulations! Your first? That's wonderful!! 

Often the first thing we do is do lots and lots of research. This is why I decided to make this series of articles. You will find for each month what baby will discover! 

It's wonderful to see how precious life is and above all, what we rediscover with our own children. 

But wait and see ... What are the first three things your child will learn in their first month of birth? 


1 - He will learn to communicate with you through lots of sound! 

And yes ... Hiccups, grunts, bubbles, sneezing and crying are the first sounds your newborn can make. As curious as it is, this is how the first contacts will be made. 

Many are afraid of this period because it is disconcerting, sometimes aggressive. Curiously, babies know when they can be heard or not. They will react accordingly. 

Generally, it's fairly gradual and they have their routine anyway. You will notice that they are often regular in their ways of sleeping, eating and behaving. 

Everything will be alright. Do not worry. 

Bonus: Anticipating the needs of my children sometimes saved my life ... I avoid crises, screams and exclamations of need. And I can sleep;)!

2 - The vision will develop when they are between 6 and 12 lbs 

It is curious ... We often wrongly think that a child will see from birth. Precision is achieved in contact with light. It is something that will form over the course of their life, so to speak throughout their life. 

Their visual stimulation will help them stay alert and develop their visions well. But please, avoid the screens from an early age. 

3 - Super suckling! 

What is the most visceral thing they will want? Eat! 

They were fed at will without having to ask too much for more than 9 months. Suddenly, they no longer have this direct source of food. Reflex? To survive! 

It is then that the child's first instinct embarks. Eating is the only way for them to stay alive. 

Not to lose this right and this need is essential for them and their survival. This is where you come in and it is often the cause of the child's crying or first expressions. He has no other way of telling you. He is hungry ! 

I will not go into breastfeeding or not here, but will probably be a next article. 

Follow us for the next month in our next article! 


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