Nuna Mixx 2019 - 9 points to discover!

Bebelelo Mixx 2019 Nuna

The 2019 Nuna Mixx stroller! A long awaited charm of innovation!

Let's discover together the 7 main points that make it so extraordinary!

1 - 2 storage baskets!

And yes, baby = accessories. More storage is a real asset! The Mixx allows you to properly separate your storage and thus optimize your stroller.

2 - Extendable handle

It's not really new, but I want to mention it.

3 - Magnetic ventilation panel

Nuna = quality. It does not skimp on the material and a charm of their product is the multiple ventilation zones with mosquito nets rather than this famous plastic which we do not love, let's be honest.

4 - Folding sun visor

What I like all the more about Nuna is that they think about the well-being of our children. Who likes to have too much sun on their face? No one, but what irritates us a lot is when we can't see the landscape after the sun has passed. No worries here!

5 - 50+ protection stretch hood

Yes yes, I know, the word snatched a smirk from you. Nevertheless, it is a real gem, especially in summer.

6 - Full extension of the seat

That, I don't know how many moms I came across who specifically asked for this quality from the start. We talk about a stroller, I am often asked '' Does it lie down completely? So there, YES!

7 - 4 season seat

Ouhouh! When I saw that, I liked it. How many times has this been asked? I don't count them anymore. To my knowledge, it is the only one that does it completely!

8 - Harness without disassembly

I admit treating myself to ... well, I find it practical. This saves a lot of time in the long run. We don't have to undo the harness every time! (5 songs, it takes a little time ...)

9 - Simple closing and locking

Locking the Mixx is so simple and secure. No need to force or manipulate it at arm's length!

And you? What did you like others?

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