As parents, nothing is fun than watching your children take important steps as they grow up.

From the moment the child pronounces his first words until he will be able to make his first gestures on his own, parents must show a lot of patience and perseverance to help the child to master survival techniques.

Although they are aware that they can learn naturally, nevertheless we will make efforts to help our children. And one of the goals of the baby will be its ability to become a child independent of the diaper. However, it is also the most difficult part, not only for the parents, but also for the growth of the child.


The transition from diapers to underwear is a difficult phase for parents and children. But, what are the problems that you may encounter that make it difficult to use toilet jars? Here are some problems encountered:

  1. The child does not recognize the need to urinate, although he knows which organ is necessary to urinate.
  2. The child likes to play with excrement.
  3. The little boy insists on peeing while sitting.
  4. Pot resistance
  5. Be upset when they see that their stool is empty.
  6. Be afraid of getting stuck in the toilet
  7. Having a stool or urinating right after being taken to the bathroom
  8. Dependence on the use of diapers when the child is expected to have a bowel movement
  9. Tendency to urinate during sleep
  10. Be comfortable at the potty only when accompanied by a specific adult


We observe a lot of techniques on how to potty train our children: when the time is right to use toilet potties, knowing what to do and what not to do, among other techniques. Unfortunately, many traditional techniques not only add pressure and stress to parents, but can also hamper the best chances of a child's toilet training success.

Here are some stories about toilet training that we can meet and the real success rates:

  • 1. It is easier for girls to learn how to use toilet pots than for boys.

According to Jamie Glowacki, an expert on parenting, it is actually boys who are easier to train than girls. First, boys can pee almost anywhere, which is more convenient than girls. Second, it is easier to give orders to boys because girls are more social and respond better only through speech and facial cues. However, they must both be empowered to know how to use toilet pots.

  • 2. There is a good time to teach the child how to use toilet pots

It is one of the pretexts of some parents when it comes to learning how to use the toilet pot. It certainly won't work for children.

Children today are intelligent and tough. If parents can educate them about the importance of being independent from diapers, this will encourage them to learn more about it. It may take a little while, but ultimately, they may be able to control it.

  • 3. Using clean diapers can help prepare the toilet potty easily

Research shows that all children who are old enough to tell you their wants and needs are probably ready to use underwear. Using training pants will only prolong training, as they are used to soaking diapers.

  • 4. Giving rewards can make it easier to learn how to use toilet pots

Some parents use this tactic believing it can motivate their child to learn more easily. But Glowacki noted that this hinders the training. She pointed out that toilet training is a normal and expected skill for every individual and does not require a reward system. However, by showing encouragement like “top there!”, Hugs and motivating words.

  • 5. Learning to use toilet pots with great discipline speeds up the process  

Just as adults hate the pressures and hard methods of learning faster, so does our child. In addition, actions such as spanking cannot encourage them to do things faster and better, even while potty training. Is it the worst part? These means can cause long-term psychological damage to the child, always making them stressed and frightened. Even if they accidentally peed in their pants, the best way to do this is to continue to encourage them to use the potty often.

Training in the use of toilet pots is a crucial thing to teach. This will not only teach them to get rid of the addiction to diapers, but also the child will have the privilege of "feeling adult" by using pants and underwear.

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