Bebelelo bedding? 3 things to know!

Bebelelo bedding

Often, we wonder why buy one bedding rather than another. It plays out on a lot of things.

The quality, first of all, but also the images, is it harmful for our baby? Risks for the sons? Personalized tones? All inclusive packages? 

So many little things that make all the difference! 

Here we will see together 3 important points to know about the bedding of your Bebelelo! 


1. Custom Made 

Custom-made designs, unique tones, Bebelelo makes a very careful selection for you, in order to offer you the most variety, at ultra competitive prices. 

Made to measure for you, these bedding will delight you with their colors, their authenticity and their qualities. 

Our mothers are delighted and we regularly receive photos that make us smile! 

See our 4 Pieces bedding 


2. Local products 

Proud of its family business, Bebelelo wants to offer local products as much as possible. 

This is why our bedding is a local product, pure from pure, to best meet your needs and your desires to encourage our community! 

See our 5 Pieces bedding

3. Safe! 

Our children are our jewels, our future, our loves. Above all, we want to protect them! It starts from the start. 

Tested for the safety of our children, Bebelelo bedding offers all the luxury possible for peace of mind! 

We thought of you! Resistant to stains, it is also ultra comfortable! Done under very careful surveillance on each product, it offers the must on the market! 

Here are the 7 Pieces bedding!

Bonus! It gives style to your nursery at the click of a finger! 

Remember the important thing. In Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of product, there is the one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to guide you towards what you really need!

To do this, you can reach us at any time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in branch, Laval, Longueuil ou TKings-Rivières!

Have a nice visit

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