Let the children be themselves

Let the children be themselves

Let the children be themselves

As parents, we dream of giving our children the best that this life has to offer. It is natural that we always have the best intentions for their growth and development, and we usually do so in a way that lets them see and experience many opportunities that, in our opinion, could help them become better people. This, of course, can benefit our children, especially for their future. Unfortunately, we are so obsessed with the idea of ​​raising a "perfect child", forgetting that they have the particularity of identifying and strengthening themselves.

We all love our children more than anything in the world, but we also need to check the type of love we give them. A kind of love that prevents our children from becoming independent, compassionate and autonomous makes their perception of their identity and that of the world totally different.

Raising a well-founded child

Part of our parenting preparations include many ideas on how we should raise them and, subconsciously, we yearn for them to become a reflection of us, sometimes the best versions. To achieve this, we copy the way our parents raise us or do the opposite. Unfortunately, our desire to produce a "better" child does not make us realize that we are only fulfilling what our ego desires.

While getting the best for them based on personal experiences and other people that we have perceived, we must remember that each child is a different person. Despite the similarities we have, they also have their style and their identity, and knowing, understanding, embracing this separation and this individuality can help us recover our senses to give them enough space, allow them to grow and nourish their uniqueness. Let us not forget that our children are not our property and it is not because we are their parents that we can change them completely, neglecting the details of their identity.

Other times, we continue to complain about their weaknesses and imperfections, because sometimes the unresolved problems that we face come up in our lives and this happens subconsciously. Unfortunately, our thoughts about our children somehow reflect our behavior. This is why, as we continue to push our children to become the best version of themselves, we must also make efforts to understand our problems and take action. We should remember that our goal as parents is to meet the needs of our children and not ours.

Allowing our children to know and communicate with each other not only gives better results in their own lives, but also gives them the opportunity to connect with other people and the environment in which they live.

What we do to meet their needs - to recognize their feelings and connect to their passions and interests, these means allow them to equip themselves to adapt well to the world in which we live. We encourage them to become better children while understanding them and giving them the chance to become those they prepare to become one of the changers that this world needs.

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