Junkie Food vs Pregnant Woman? 4 tips to escape it

Bebelelo Food for pregnant women

Putin? wouahhhhh! I want too much !!!!!

Ladies ... Ladies ... Ladies ... Who hasn't already felt the irresistible urge for fast food? All. If yes, we will not lie. This is how. Pregnant or not, we all feel it at least once. Why? Ah! THE question of the century.

I will answer you that it is a question of hormone. Yep, that ugly word. Hormone.

But beware, I'm not going to embark on a scientific version of the thing, because even I know nothing about it and I don't want to know!

Here is what I found as tips to help you counter this and not feel like a whale, even pregnant.

Tip 1: Proteins

Well yes, as silly as it seems, our hungry friends can help us calm our cravings. They appease hunger, but they will also calm the level of sugar in your body.

Tip 2: Mollo on carbohydrates.

A craving does not come alone. Our hormones are influenced by our food. By any chance, you would not have eaten cake, potatoes or other starch these last days? Well yeah. A craving comes like a drug. Pay attention to your dishes for a few days. Especially in critical times. In addition, it reduces the risk of pregnancy diabetes and overweight!

Also valid on rrrrrr days

Tips 3: Get moving

Curiously, the fact that we are this type of cravings is that our brain lacks ... Hormone. That of happiness to be exact. Have you ever been told that a pregnant woman has a slightly stronger libido than normal? Bahhhh yeah. It comes from there too!

Tips 4: Eat a fruit

The brain also needs fuel. Like any self-respecting machine, it sends alarm signals in the sense of what it believes will bring fuel as quickly as possible. In two words: Junkie Food.

Eating a fruit will provide him with a quick fuel source that will calm him down. Will it take away hunger? No. It's like adrenaline. 15 minutes before the next signal.

I always have an orange or a piece of dark chocolate, or both.

Thus, I avoid throwing myself on the first bag of chips that I meet and that I will really regret having eaten!

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