No school? Oh there! What do we do!?!

bebelelo day snow

No school? Oh there! What do we do!?! 

Do not worry. Here are some ideas to help you in your day to keep the little ones busy. 


1 - Painting 

An unbeatable. Personally I always keep an old piece of cardboard or a washable surface to allow them to play drawing. 

No paint? You can do it at home, completely safe! All it takes is a little research on the web, food coloring, flour, water and sugar. 


2 - Plasticine 

Yes, another must. Just give them some pasta to brighten them up for a few hours! 

No pasta? Again, we can make it homemade! In just a few minutes! 


3 - Disney session 

Even we like it. Plan a Disney session with an old comforting movie. What better! 

Here, no treats, but a good little healthy snack! It's their rewards for helping you make the snack. 


4 - Do not forget 

Our children are stingy with discovery. Include them in your daily tasks as a game. Let your imagination run wild! Nothing takes a Peter Pan heart! 


Any other game ideas? Write them in comment! 

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