Hen? Accessories for strollers?

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The first time I was in contact with strollers, I was told "don't worry, you're going to have lots of things to discover!" Therefore, I am here today to share my discoveries! 

So imagine that strollers are like a Ferrari, we equip it. We put accessories to make our life more ... pleasant. 

But here are the types of accessories that can be found on the market: 

- Shell adapters

- Accessories for seats or seats

- Baby cribs 

- Harness protectors

- Storage bags

- And all that I will classify in others (fan, light ...)


What there is to know? 

That everything is possible to equip your stroller! Passing from the fan to the dry seat for possible leaks, without forgetting the head rests for harnesses ... The modifiable wheels. But do we really need all this? Yes and no... 


At Diono, you will find the widest variety adaptable to almost all strollers, with the most competitive prices on the stroller market, versus quality. 

Otherwise you must refer to your stroller company (often it is a puzzle) 

What would be the main accessories to have? 

The first would be the shoulder bag (for the handle). I think this purchase saved my stakes more than once. 

The second would be the rain guard. I was ... reluctant to put my baby in a plastic dome, but the test convinced me! 

The third would be the mosquito net. Why? Because we have the joy of living in the world of mosquitoes and a baby who is bitten ... hello the cream and the cries!

The fourth is the shell adapters. Often there is a huge possibility or they are included in your stroller, but I have to mention them! 

The final word? 

The best part is that if you choose a good stroller, the main accessories can follow with it! 

Remember the important thing. In Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of product, there is the one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to guide you towards what you really need!

To do this, you can reach us at any time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in branch, Laval, Longueuil ou TKings-Rivières!

Have a nice visit!

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