One of the frustrations of all parents about their children is their misconduct. It is difficult for all parents to contain and fully understand why this is happening. Most of the time, parents act with severity in the face of these inappropriate attitudes which worsen the situation and which subsequently worsen the conflicts which will negatively affect the relationship.

The bad behavior did not appear without reason, and these reasons must be determined so that the parents can suggest more appropriate actions and solutions. We must avoid hurting our children with harsh discipline, because they will be frustrated, disappointed and broken because of it.

Here are some of the common reasons and how we can fix these behavioral problems.

They test you to see if you are following your rules.

One of the things our children love to do is to know the complexity of this world, and one of their favorites is to test the limits that we have set. It sounds frustrating, but it is part of your child's growth process.

To reduce stress, be consistent about the limits you have already set. Continue to follow these boundaries so that your children can adopt positive values ​​and establish their self-esteem.

The limits at home and at school are completely different.

The concept of coherence is essential to the development of each child to allow a better understanding of how this world works. If they meet different sets of rules, they will feel uncomfortable and continually test the waters, which will make them more stressed.

To resolve this issue, you can discuss these issues with the owner, inform them of the rules you have at home, and find out how they do it. In this way, you can have the same perspective at school so that you can send a clear and consistent message to your child to avoid misinterpretations.

They are expected to understand or do something beyond their current level of development

Sometimes, as parents, you make rules by forgetting your child's current abilities. Instead of giving them more support and guidance, we have given them instructions that they will not understand and should not do, regardless of their age limits.

The choice of rules, methods, discipline strategies, as well as orientation should always be aligned with your child's level of development. Sometimes telling them and expecting it to happen is not always the best solution.

Children also assess themselves and assess their level of independence

At the age of two, children begin to become independent, to control their environment and even the situations in which they find themselves, such as eating, sleeping and playing.

As parents, you should give them more chances to choose and more options to consider so that they can feel that they are in control of their life at some point in a positive way.

They are sick, bored or unhappy

This is the most common reason why children, especially toddlers (and maybe even adults!) Misbehave. When some of their basic needs are not met, the risks of tantrums and uncontrollable crying are very high and also intense.

There is also a simple solution in this regard: set a specific schedule so that your child can eat, sleep and interact with you and with other people. It also helps reduce stress and allows you to plan your schedules accordingly.

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