Explanation of the Bebelelo accompaniment kits

Explanation of the Bebelelo accompaniment kits

At Bebelelo, we are committed to offering you more and doing more. 

Here, we will explain to you why your Bebelelo provides you with Accompaniment Kit for your purchases. 


See more ... Do more 

This is our motto! This is why on a lot of items in store, Bebelelo offers you several possibilities to be able to '' upgrade '' your purchase. 

Often companies offer you the bare minimum without showing you the benefits of the rest. 

Why? Sales issues. At Bebelelo, we are committed to offering you the best, which is why we offer people the opportunity to improve their purchases with unbeatable prices. 


A minimum of 3 choices

Why? Because it's your baby you're building. It's your future! 

We will always offer you the best option. 

So often you have the option of choosing our Premium, Excellence and Deluxe offers. 

Ask your Bebelelo for advice. 


Single or mixed items

Bebelelo is a world of infinite possibility. 

It's a universe that you create at home. Part of us in you and your unborn child. 

This is why we will often offer accessories to facilitate your daily life and especially sustainability. 


Ask a Bebelelo advisor to inform you about all the possibilities available to you. 

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