Sleep in the bedroom or not? 3 tips!

Sleep in the bedroom or not? 3 tips!

Often, our clients are left with a ... Surprising to say the least conscience case. Should baby sleep in the bedroom right away or not? 

Here, we will answer them simply in three simple tips that will bring the two camps together. 

Know before all this. As I often tell my clients, baby is currently sleeping on your spine. I'm not telling you, but it's not comfortable, neither for one nor for the other. 

When baby makes his first cuckoo, he will be able to sleep on the floor (this is metaphorical, by no means advice). 

However, there is indeed a debate on this and between you and me, it depends on the parents. 

Here are the 3 tips we offer you today: 

1. Invest in a good baby park! 

I don't know how many times my park saved my life in the early days. 

If only for its practicality, easily transportable. In addition, you can change your baby inside, a charm! Waterproof, no fear of minor damage and I can clean my head with peace of mind. 

To sleep, simply bring the park into the bedroom and voila! 

Bonus: Here is the park we recommend 

Bebelelo - Nuna Sena - Playpen   Le Nuna Sena Park is among the best ever. 

   Solid, of the highest quality, it is perfect to accompany you for a long time and to give your child joy and many nights of sleep. Its mattress is among the most comfortable and its folding is magic! 2 more floors! To have

2. Put baby bed in the adult room

Often used by parents, this tip is remarkable when it comes time for Baby to make the transition between sleeping with mom and dad and the bedroom alone. 

Looking for a good bed? I will not be too much advise you to come see them in store or surf the page of Baby bed from our website for more details. 

3. A good combination of the two

Often people are undecided between the two choices mentioned above. I reassure them immediately. Baby adapts. 

The best I can advise, from experience, is a combination of the two. Why? Because even if baby sleeps in the room with the parents, in his nuna park, nothing will prevent him from taking his naps in his big bed, in his room, in order to understand that the two places belong to him. 

It is imperative to start the young jump. So, perhaps where you will be, visiting your in-laws, traveling or in the basement of the house, baby will not be unwell. He will be at home. 


Remember the important thing. In Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of product, there is the one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to guide you towards what you really need!

To do this, you can reach us at any time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in branch, Laval, Longueuil ou TKings-Rivières!

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