Shell or not? The myth of the phase 1 seat

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Shell or not? The myth of the phase 1 seat

Many parents wonder what the shell is and do I really need it.

Here, everything is a question of point of view.

There are convertible dict seats, which you can use almost at birth, but between you and me, now almost all maternity wards in the hospital require a shell on leaving the mother and child.

Why a shell?

Security is often mentioned, other times the concern for transport, convenience.

There are many reasons

However let's see the pros and cons

For the shell

A lot of parents love the shell for the transport from one car to another, from the car to the house, from the car to the grocery cart, from the car to the stroller… All that (if you are lucky ) without waking baby. We save a lot of time in the tethering phase.

Personally, I find it practical to move the child without disturbing him.

Against the shell

Cons are often the first hesitation of parents about the fact that the shell is thrown away after 7 years. I specify here on 7 years after the date of manufacture, not the date of purchase.

It is quite possible that automatically, you lost 1 to 2 years depending on the brand.

Then there is the car base concern. Who will take it? Do I always have to move her? And grandparents, should they buy a second one?

And the weight? Have you thought about it hen?

Let's calm down a bit and sum up

The shell is practical because it is possible to move your child easily and without too much maneuver. The advantage is that most of the upgradeable seats are not easily transportable, unlike the shell which can be directly added to almost all strollers today. (I can't see myself with a huge seat in my hand, baby in the other, diaper bag, handbag, laptop… anyway, you can see the picture. Especially if it's out of the taxi!)

The shell is easy to transport
Reusable over a period of 7 years following the date of manufacture
Can be installed on multiple bases (provided it is the same company)
Secures your child thanks to its tilted back position
Various models to match your needs.
Can be installed on the grocery basket, on the stroller, etc.
Much lighter than convertible seats
Save time and space

Officially, this is the option that is best advised to have peace of mind until the 30 or 35 pounds that your baby will one day have.

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