Parents are concerned about the consequences of current changes and innovations on children's behavior. These consequences can cause behavioral problems in some children, such as bullying. This can affect other people and specifically their siblings. Our children can therefore be victims of bullying, which is dangerous for society. What about child bullies? Bullies are also from our society. It is therefore important to find a solution to this problem. What solutions can we consider to solve this shocking problem?

If you allow the child everything, he can become a bully. Because every child may be a victim of bullying, the bully is also the victim of certain acts committed by society.

According to psychologist Ronald Mah, children are tempted to bully for two distinct reasons:

First, bullying is a way for the child to impose his power and be popular.

Second, child bullies are victims of deprivation and, to satisfy it, they bully other children, especially those who are physically inferior to them.

What do we do when our children are bullies?

Watching your child become a bully is overwhelming for parents. This is comprehensive. But, you have to pull yourself together, accept the situation and look for solutions. Share your problem with others, such as teachers and neighbors, so that together you can find a solution to this problem. This situation can be overcome by the children, but on condition that the parents get involved by their side to help them.

Recognize that your child has a bullying attitude

It is important to accept your child's situation, and to know that this behavior is due to other problems. You have to be very friendly and open with him, to help your child overcome his problem. Be very attentive and above all never blame them. Let him know that error is human. You have to make him understand by asking him questions, that his behavior can harm others.

Focus on the consequences of your actions

The child bully must be confronted with his responsibilities. Make him understand that the act he has done is not right, by depriving him of certain privileges such as his toys, his phone and his hours of play. His intimidations are times when you can approach him for the encourage it the right way.

Be optimistic in your collaboration with the school community

Educators always appreciate a parent's approach to the cause of their child. They will have a different look than seeing you as a bad parent. Work with administration and teachers to find solutions to help you.

Reinforce the emotional and social capacities of the child

Help your child to have great emotional and social qualities, to allow him to resolve conflicts and face difficult situations. He must therefore understand his situation, know how to manage himself, be tenacious and have a sense of responsibility in decision-making.

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