Who doesn't like to have freebies? Just like us, children love to have gifts, especially on special occasions. However, there is a better gift we can always give to our children: the spirit of sharing (the gift of giving).

Children love to be helpful, because in addition to giving them the feeling of being adults, being helpful to others can also give children the feeling of being gratified. In addition, by giving, they learn to be more compassionate and enthusiastic about everything they do. They will also have the courage to take initiatives.

So how can we instill in the hearts and minds of our children a sense of sharing? Here are some examples :

Start little by little.

You can start teaching your child to give by encouraging them to share things like toys and food, or express sympathy by showing them how to comfort someone who is hurting.

Praise him for his good deeds towards others.

When you see that your child is doing someone good, don't neglect them. Compliment his good deed and be specific in your compliments, so that he can understand the reason for your praise and be motivated to do it again.

Be a good example.

As a parent, you are the first and best teacher for your child. That is why it is very important that you always practice what you advise him as the right way. 

It is good to let your child see your acts of generosity, even just by helping an elderly person cross the road. Remember that whatever you do, your child will surely imitate your actions.

Discuss things that can awaken a child's sense of solidarity

Around dinner you can talk about some of the important issues in society, such as recent disasters, and how you can help the victims. Give them the opportunity to say what they think, for example how they see the situation, how they intend to find solutions to the suffering of the victims, and how they perceive the actions of solidarity in such circumstances.

Let the children enjoy the results of their work.

Allowing children to see the results of their good deed, which can inspire them to be even more generous. You can take them to the shelter or giving centers, so they can see how their actions are helping other people and have ideas on how to do acts of giving.

You can encourage them so that they have interests in their act of solidarity.

Another way to help them have a donor heart is to appeal to their focus and make their passions a way to help those in need. You can encourage them to choose any activity that they enjoy and make them understand how much these activities can help others.

They will therefore be more motivated not only to give, but also more confident to make their potential in terms of generosity known.


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