Dog and Baby? A controversial subject

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Who has never read articles in the newspaper about the ferocity of dogs, but who has not seen the touching video of the dog cradling baby?

I will remain very elusive on certain points on this subject, but I will nevertheless get to the bottom of things. There is only one way to resolve this thorny issue ...

You know your dog better than we do! Here is the answer.

However, it is important to realize that the dog can suffer from abandonment if he is not prepared. He may not be speaking, but he is feeling more things than you can think of.

Like a human member, you have to let it feel your belly, teach it that everything is ok, that everything will be fine.

You can talk to your dog, strange as it may seem. He will understand in the long run.

Above all, you will notice her behavior change before you even know that you are pregnant. They have a ... Sixth sense for that if you like. Either it will be more sticky, more protective. Either he will be distant, and even aggressive. Everyone will react in their own way. But that will give you a good sign for his future reaction.

It is rare that I see dogs react badly to the arrival of a child if he has been helped and prepared before.

It remains a full family member after all.

Remember that educators can reassure you and help you on your way before giving birth if you wish. They are a great help in removing an extra period of stress that you really don't need.

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