Capsule Food - 3 mistakes we make regularly!

Bebelelo Food Capsule

We all do! Why? Because our education taught us this, we know it from our parents, etc. 

You will recognize yourself, there is no doubt!

 1. Forcing our children to eat their vegetables 

You have to eat your vegetables to grow well !! 

How many times have we been told this? I don't count them anymore. 

Yet do you know where it came from? And why did our parents or grandparents keep listening to us? 

Because in times of war, food, including vegetables and fruit, was so scarce that when it was there, it was a gift from heaven. 

This automatism remained by automatism. Second, some families could not afford food adequately or during periods of recession, etc. 

This adage was perpetuated over the years and decades that followed, to the point of becoming jargon. 

Did you know? A child, when young, has a 60% chance of hating vegetables or having a variation in taste during the first 15/20 years of their life. 

2. I like / I like more ...

Oh yes, a week he / she likes it, the week after, yuck! 

It's normal. We should not tell them "eat this and shut up". 

Why? Because children have a peculiarity that we have lost over the years, which is knowing what is lacking in their body instinctively. 

They will listen to their desires more than the rest. See, try to feed a baby who doesn't want to ... 

3. Finish your plate! 

This sentence is related to the first. We all do it. The thing is that we are thus developing overconsumption of food. Ok, if the child has not eaten all day and it is 16 pm, there is a problem. Here I'm talking about a meal well underway, not finish. 

If we force our children to finish their plates, we develop a syndrome of "hungry I eat the same" as we get older. This results in eating disorders, compulsive behaviors and uncontrolled overweight. 

Nothing prevents us from saying to our little one; '' Ok my love, take your plate, put the rest in a dish, put it in the fridge and you will eat it tomorrow noon ok? '' 

You are teaching your child to respect themselves, their needs and not waste them. If your child is hungry in the evening? Offer him a drink or fruit. But never her unfinished meal. 


Bonus: Portions 

It's always a hassle! But the portions are, technically, the size of your child's fists. Personally, with me, it never worked. I prefer to put less and serve a second time rather than putting too much and that our child does not finish his plate. 

This gives them confidence and avoids the problem of fear of lack of food. The child thus eats its fill, without fear or lack. 

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