Help your baby learn to walk

Baby's first steps are very exciting, both for him and for his parents. How to help him succeed in this big step?

1) Let it go at its own pace

Each child is different, and there is no point in comparing it to others around you. Let it grow at its own pace, and it will work when it is ready. Putting pressure on him will not help him build self-confidence, on the contrary.

NB In case of a particular situation or if you suspect a real engine delay, do not hesitate to speak about it with your pediatrician.

2) Provide a safe environment

By arranging the space to allow him to grab hold of the furniture and try to take his first steps without hurting himself, your child will gain self-confidence and will try more and more frequently. So protect sharp corners, favor a minimalist place in terms of furniture and floor objects and maximize free space. Also teach older children to put their toys away more often to help their little brother or sister.

3) Encourage him

Children like to be encouraged by their parents. This pushes them to try again and again, despite the falls. So do not hesitate to encourage and applaud him! In addition, if older children are at home, they can participate in the event. This will only stimulate the smallest to succeed.

And don't forget, soon baby will run everywhere! Quickly protect your stairs.

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