6 benefits associated with the presence of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren.

Over the course of history, the place of grandparents in families has evolved considerably. During the 30s and until the 50s, we often spoke of very demanding and authoritarian grandparents. Having raised their own children strictly, some were derogatory towards small children and their parents and allowed themselves to dictate strict and often outdated rules of conduct. Towards the end of the 50s, the trends in parenting having changed, we witness the opposite situation. To get out of the mold of hateful grandparents, many opt for absolute indulgence. Since the 70s, we have witnessed a renewal of the image and role of grandparents. Much more educated, the majority live independently and now have a role of help and support rather than a role of authority and discipline. Here are 6 benefits that make the presence of grandparents a wealth in the lives of grandchildren:

1- Grandparents are available and patient

It is known, grandparents have time. Whether retired or not, they have far fewer obligations than in the past. In the tumultuous world of the 21st century, spending time with loving grandparents is a balm for children. What a joy to experience calm and serenity. What a pleasure to be able to enjoy the present moment in the company of an adult who can afford to take the time to enjoy each moment. Thanks to their availability and their much less busy schedule, the grandparents are free to be patient. This allows them to transmit the joy of the moment to the children while respecting the rhythm of each one. They can also take the time necessary for those little things in life that are so often left behind in the often hectic everyday lives of parents.

2- They are part of the child's identity

Grandparents are the guardians of the past. They carry with them an important part of a child's identity: their history and that of their family. By telling his past, a grandparent lets the child know his origins and understand where he comes from. This will help him build his identity. Children learn a lot about the world today, understanding the traditions of the past and discovering how things have evolved. When our story is told to us by someone who has lived it, events take on a whole new meaning.

3- They bring stability, kindness and emotional security

Grandparents have the necessary perspective to play down many events. They have life experience. On the other hand, they also have the wisdom to know if a situation needs to sound the alarm. In contact with a caring grandparent, a child will feel safe. He will feel a calm calm and will have the assurance of being in good hands. He will learn to decode the world and the situations of life with courage and confidence.

4- They allow a bridge between generations

The presence of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren is also a great way to bridge the generations. A child who is fortunate enough to be in contact with an elder he considers may have a lot more respect for the elders of society in general. He will feel comfortable in their presence and understand their reality. In the same way, contact will allow grandparents in turn to better understand the new generations. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

5- Unconditional love

It is very interesting to observe the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Very often, regardless of the defect or personality, grandparents will accept and love their grandchildren as they are unconditionally. Despite the fact that they would never accept the presence of certain traits in another person or even in their own children, spouses or parents, grandparents rarely judge their grandchildren if they have these same traits. It is as if the grandchildren allow reconciliation with certain characters.

6- Confidents opposite parental authority

The beauty of being a grandparent lies in the possibility of offering a big ear to a child as opposed to having to discipline him. A grandparent can be seen as a guide where it is safe to talk about his emotions, his fears, to reveal himself without being judged. A grandparent helps to evacuate worries and secrets in peace and can advise on the best way to act in the face of events. The grandparent can sometimes pass on certain messages or give important information that could not reach the child in another way or through another person. All in all, there are great advantages to leaving a place for grandparents in the life of grandchildren, even on a psychological level. Studies have shown that children who are in contact with their grandparents are much more emotionally stable, less anxious, have less depression, do better in school and have better self-esteem. In the long term, children, parents, grandparents, everyone wins!


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