5 ways to find time

You are a parent who finds it difficult to have time to care for their children and manage household chores. Or you are a student who is very focused on his studies. Or an employee who puts time and effort into commuting for work every day. Whoever you are, whatever you do in life, you should have moments of relaxation for yourself in your daily to-do list.

Do you think it is not necessary to have a relaxing time? Well, we all deserve to have this good time. It is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is very beneficial to devote a little time of relaxation for oneself by doing what one likes. This moment of relaxation gives us better physical, moral and psychological health and allows us to be in harmony with ourselves. In addition, by striving to take care of yourself, you may also be able to help others.

We say that "to want is to be able". If you are determined, you can prioritize some time for yourself. Here are some ways to give yourself some time, if you like.

  1.  Take advantage of intermittences in your activities.

We sometimes want to do something immediately, but afterwards we realize that we don't have time to do it. This is disappointing and can cause stress and make us unhappy.    

Taking advantage of downtime is necessary for several reasons. Whenever you have the time, doing leisure activities helps you maintain balance in your life, which is necessary for problem solving and more productivity. In addition, it can make you happy and give you satisfaction.

  1. Don't load your schedule.

See what you're doing with your day. How much time do you spend doing what on your schedule? How do you manage your break times? How much time do you spend watching TV or checking your social media accounts?

In order to delete less important activities from your calendar, you must first know how your daily activities are organized in time, and even your rest time. Maybe you are spending too much time on activities instead of finishing your activities. Or you prefer to watch feature films instead of preparing for tomorrow's activities. If you see that you are wasting time doing unnecessary things, you will need to remove them from your calendar. For your own development, change your habits and develop a sense of discipline in managing your time.

  1. Share your tasks with other people.

To finish some tasks faster and save time, you can team up with other people such as a friend, family member or coworker. In addition to saving you a lot of time, delegating responsibility to other people can also be useful to them. They can discover their potential by participating in this work with you. In addition, they will feel important and honored reducing the feeling of being left behind. It's the two birds with one stone technique.

  1. Know how to say no

Before taking on new responsibilities, think carefully about its implications, especially your desire for some free time. Can this task be useful for you? Will this affect your activities and time goals? Or are you doing it to help someone else?

Sometimes saying no is a form of disinterest. Above all, if you have a limited schedule, you need to make that person understand why you cannot help them. It's not easy to say no to someone, but once you find the right formula to do it, it can surely save you from problems in the future.

  1. Start little by little

 It only takes a few minutes to have the right time to have fun. You can start by listening to your favorite songs, reading a book or even writing. You can even spend a few minutes outside feeling the wind and breathing hard for a while.

There is no specific activity or requirement for relaxation time. You can do this from the comfort of your surroundings, anytime. What's important is that in the end, you did something good for yourself.

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