3 tips to save with the arrival of a baby

The coming of a baby involves a lot of expenses, in addition, very often, parental leave which cuts the parents' wages. Here are 3 great tips for saving money so that you can manage your budget more easily with your new baby.

1) Use washable diapers and wipes

In addition to helping the planet and being ecological, you will save a lot of money during the 2 years (approximately) that your child will be in diapers. according to Radio-Canada, you could save $ 3000. In addition, several municipalities offer subsidies for the purchase of washable diapers. For example, in the Roussillon RCM, it is $ 150 to which parents are entitled. In Verdun, it's $ 100. It is therefore worth investigating whether such an ecological measure has been implemented in your city.

2) Look for discount coupons

Whether for formula, diapers or clothing, several discount coupons are sent to parents by companies. You just have to register online! There are also several in the Better Living Guide, which your doctor will give you in the first months of your pregnancy. Then, you can trade with other moms to accumulate the coupons that interest you the most by getting rid of those that have the least interest for you.

3) cook yourself

Commercial purees and purchased snacks already made can quickly become a monetary burden. Buying the ingredients to cook them yourself will save that amount, as well as being able to choose healthy recipes and fresh ingredients. In short, no need to go into debt with the arrival of a baby. Plan your expenses and buy only the bare necessities, and you will do very well!

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