3 tips to help a child say goodbye to diapers

When baby grows, the time to say goodbye to diapers comes. Here are 3 tips to help your child get through this great step without a hitch.

1) Encourage and make positive reinforcement

As a parent, your attitude can greatly help your little one in toilet training. By encouraging him, you will show him that it is positive to choose the toilet as a place of small needs. Also, you should expect some accidents along the way; it is a learning process that can be done over a long period. So always stay positive and do not quibble if accidents occur.

2) Keep special toys near the potty

Put at your disposal a small container of special toys reserved only for time spent on the toilet or on his potty. These games will make him want to go there and really try to do something there, rather than getting up quickly to go back to playing.

3) Choose clothes suitable for potty training

It's time to swap one-piece sleepers and pajamas for zippered pants that can easily be removed by the child. Also consider providing him with training pants, washable or disposable. By putting the odds on your side, you can experience this transition with your child in a positive and pleasant way.

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