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Vite Vite!!! Avant que ça parte!!

Vite Vite!!! Avant que ça parte!! 0

Hey! Zieutez la découverte! 

Je suis tombée sur une kit magnifique! Un petit bureau compact en bois et métal noir, avec tiroir de rangement et une bonne superficie! Mais voyez le plus génial, la chaise trop confortable qui vient avec! 

Sincèrement, j'ai adoré! 

Et vous? Les avez vous essayé?

Dépêchez vous de réservé! 

Entre vous et moi, pour les enfants, pour les adultes... Pour tous!!! 


Notre Wow coup de cœur de la semaine! Kit de Départ c’est parti!

Notre Wow coup de cœur de la semaine! Kit de Départ c’est parti! 0

Our favorite Wow of the week! Start Kit is here!

I present you here the Start Kit 8 pieces baby jogger city Elite!

Why? I'm too fond of this stroller.
The City Elite is a jewel for the price they ask for.

All terrain is a pearl when you hesitate between a sports and a terrain (see the article on the types of strollers). Of various colors, it allows to move easily, with a capacity of 75lb! Not to mention the cup holder included, the magnetic awnings, the footrest, the fabrics completely removable and washable ... There are, in addition, adapters to install the shell inside. I'll talk for hours! But what I like too much is that in this kit, the basket is included !!!!!!

What is the bassinet?
Well here, for baby born, it's a charm! When we want to lengthen our child, finding a stroller that does it is complicated. With the nacelles, no problem!
You can install your baby, change it, make him take a nap ... And what do I know!

Speaking of bed ... I introduce you Angelo!
At Bebelelo, I believe it's the cheapest and simplest bed, while maintaining the quality of the product we are committed to offering. Durable, transformable into a transitional bed, then a double bed (do not forget to ask your advisor to add the baby shoes or a premium kit!), With adjustable mattress level, it's a jewel! In addition, there is a security barrier that will offer you peace of mind when you transform the bed.
Imagine the economy! The child still has the same bed at the age of 15, without having to buy! Wow!

For the lullaby ...
I present you the cozy ...
Let's say there's a chance for dad to requisition it for the living room ... I'm not kidding. It's a cloud and a huge gain to have at home. When baby does not fall asleep, as well be well installed no longer want to get up!

Not to mention the changing table
A must for small rooms. Although the changing mat remains a versatile item, access to the layers close to its charm.

Make an appointment with your Bebelelo advisor or contact us online, we will be able to answer your questions and help you the best on the choice of your starting kit!
Remember the important thing. At Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of stroller, there is one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to guide you to the good!

To do this, you can reach us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in Succursale, Laval, Longueuil or Trois-Rivières!

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​Shell or not? The myth of the seat phase 1

​Shell or not? The myth of the seat phase 1 0

Shell or not? The myth of the seat phase 1

Many parents are wondering what the shell is and I really need it.
Here, everything is a question of point of view.
There are convertible seats dict, which you can use almost at birth, but between you and me, now almost all the maternities in the hospital require a shell at the exit of the mother and the child.

Why a shell?
Often it is evoked security, other times the concern for transportation, convenience.
The reasons are multiple
However, let's see the pros and cons

For the shell
A lot of parents love the shell for transportation from one car to another, from the car to the house, from the car to the grocery cart, from the car to the stroller ... All of this (if you're lucky ) without waking baby. We save a lot of time in the attachment phase detaches.
Personally, I find it convenient to move the child without inconveniencing him.

Against the shell
The counters are often the first hesitation of the parents on the fact that the shell is thrown after 7 years. I specify here 7 years after the date of manufacture, not the date of purchase.

It is quite possible that you automatically lost 1 to 2 years depending on the brand.

Then there is the concern of the car base. Who will take it? Do I still have the displaced? And grandparents, should they buy a second?
And the weight? You thought hen?

Calm us a little and summarize
The shell is practical because it is possible to move your child easily and without much maneuver. The advantage is that most evolutive seats are not easily transportable, unlike the shell that can directly be added to almost all strollers today. (I can not see myself with a huge seat in my hand, baby in the other, a diaper bag, a purse, a laptop ... well, you can see the painting, especially if it's coming out of the cab!)

The shell is easy to transport
Reusable over a period of 7 years from the date of manufacture
Can install on multiple bases (provided it is the same company)
Secures your child with its backward angled position
Various models to match your needs.
Can sit on the grocery cart, on the stroller, etc.
Much lighter than convertible seats
Save time and space

Officially, it is the option that is best advised to have peace of mind until the 30 or 35 pounds that will one day your baby.

For information on the characteristics of shells? Follow our next article by subscribing to the NewsLetter!

Remember the important thing. At Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you in choosing your shell. The job of our advisers is to guide you to the good!

To do this, you can reach us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in Succursale, Laval, Longueuil or Trois-Rivières!

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​Choose a stroller? How to do!

​Choose a stroller? How to do! 0

Choose a stroller? How to do!

Obviously, here we find the situation of the row of cereals in supermarkets.
Not that the quality is not at the rendezvous, rather than the quantity of products, brands, more of this, more of that, really risk to drive us crazy.
It's like engaging in the merciless fight of breakfast, only to quote that section.

The first moms
I often meet what I call "the first moms". Why? Because they are either their first babies, or they already have one, but they have been misdirected in the supermarket.
Often we go to the most famous, most popular brands, but is this really what we need? Not sure ... Every mother is unique, each family is unique and each one to their own needs.
Let's take a look at some of the most common types of strollers.

The Jogging Stroller
Oddly, that one, she went crazy for a few years. Why? No idea. But I will opt for the dream of pink tights on the boxes of Lucky Charms ...
However, here, there is only one question to ask you (beware, this is the question that kills ...); Would you run before getting pregnant? Do you walk fast or roller?
Just by asking this question, you have your answer.
If so, then you are on the right path, if not, forget it. It's like the idea of saying, "I'm going to take a dog to walk more and run, play sports, get in shape ..." Hen Hen, bad idea.
The best known is Thule Sport ... If you do not play sports before, please, think about it. There is something better suited for you.

The All Terrain Stroller
Ah ... This super all terrain stroller. Personally, I love Baby Jogger City Mini GT to do this. This model is compact, off road, compressed air tire (a luxury signed Baby Jogger), three wheels most of the time (it depends on the selected models) ...
Honestly, this is the one I recommend to many parents. Why? We are in Quebec Girls ... We agree that our roads are not great and that snow is a charm. For that, you need a super good model that will last. All terrain is required!
Countryside? Forest? Rocky trail? A must!

The City Stroller
I think that category has a lot of them.
Four wheels, three wheels, umbrella, modifiable, modular ... The most common. For all tastes, all genres. Sincerely, I'll come back to it, but if none of the guys are right, you'll find yours in this one.

The Deluxe stroller
Of course, there is the Deluxe stroller, like the Egg.
But here be careful, we still have needs. If you feel the need for equipment, safety, all-inclusive, like Rolls Royce, you have a choice and we'll be back next week. To do this, subscribe to the Newsletter.

Remember the important thing. At Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of stroller, there is one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to guide you to the good!
To do this, you can reach us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570
Or in Succursale, Laval, Longueuil or Trois-Rivières!
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​Facts about Helicopter Parenting

​Facts about Helicopter Parenting 0

Facts about Helicopter Parenting

If you are the type of parent that becomes the "shadow" of your child and always interfering with his actions and decisions, then you are undoubtedly a helicopter parent.

Helicopter parenting, a term created by Foster Cline and Jim Fay, is one of the recognized modernized types of parenting, and it is manifested by being overly protective and manipulative to the kids. Helicopter parents are too much alert over their children and always on the rescue even on the initial signs of trouble, disappointment or other incidents and situations a child can be harmed or cause pain.

Distinct Behaviors of A Helicopter Parent

According to The Gottman Institute, three distinct behaviors are being exemplified by helicopter parents, and these are the following:

  • Information seeking attitude: Parents are eager to know the everyday routines of their children like their schedules and whereabouts. Moreover, they also want to know other matters to their children like their decisions, accomplishments and even their grades.
  • Direct intervention: Parents also interfere with the children's conflicts, fighting to almost every battle they have.
  • Autonomy limitation: Parents control their children's lives because they prevent them to face the harshness of this world by helping them not to make mistakes to the extent that they fail to support their decisions.

The Implications of Helicopter Parenting

Generally, overprotective parents create a lasting impact on their child's personality because it only prolongs his childhood phase.

On the various researches about different types of parenting and its effects on every child, here are some of the negative effects on children with helicopter parents:

  1. Children with helicopter parents are less open to new ideas and opportunities, and they are more anxious, helpless and conscious about themselves.
  2. Kids with intrusive parents and have high expectations of them like in their academic performances are more critical to themselves and more susceptible to become depressed. This behavior is also called maladaptive perfectionism. It happens because these parents make their kids feel that what they do is not always good enough.
  3. Helicopter parenting is also proven to be associated with poor functioning in emotional matters, decision-making, and other capabilities like the academic capacities of the children.
  4. Helicopter parents also affect the social stability of their children because they keep on helping and involving themselves to them even if it is not encouraged to do so.
  5. Children fail to succeed in using their abilities because their parents always step into almost everything that happens in their lives.

How to Break the Habit of being a Helicopter Parents

Now that the negative effects of helicopter parents are revealed, one way to put our children into vulnerability and other issues like anxiety and depression is to break the habit of being overprotective and controlling to them.

How to break free from this parenting style? Try to do the following:

  1. Show support to your child by listening to them and not pushing what you want for them.
  2. Cease yourself from doing everything to your child, even their homework.
  3. Not unless it is life-threatening matter, avoid helping your child to escape the consequences of their actions or decisions. They can learn more by letting them experience the results of what they did.
  4. Teach and encourage your children to speak for themselves, and not be the spokespersons for them.
  5. Embrace your child's identity, and that includes their weaknesses. Help them to use their skills and abilities to achieve their aspirations. 
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​Guide to Modern Parenting

​Guide to Modern Parenting 0

Guide to Modern Parenting

Society continues to embrace new perspectives in almost every facet of its system. And as it continues to change, so is the people for them to meet the expectations and demands this alteration needs. One of the most evident modifications that happened are the roles that men and women can contribute not only to society as a whole but in its smallest unit, the family.

For the past centuries, women empowerment provided a great impact especially when it comes to parenting which also recognized the value of men in producing better individuals for the next generation. These paved the way to the concept of modern parenting.

Just because the methods and styles in this parenting type are somewhat fast-phasing and innovative does not mean it can ruin the better and helpful outcomes in traditional parenting. Rather, these are parenting approaches that somehow simplify, upgrade or change the usual approaches but it still aims to provide the necessary ingredients every child needs for them to become better persons for themselves and everyone.

Here are some of the modern parenting methods that are typically used and applied for their children and the family as a whole:

Instinctive Parenting

Every parent has their own story of childhood, and these experiences along with their parental instincts, this parenting approach uses the power of instinct and their feelings to know what is the best for their children.

Helicopter Parenting

Also known as "overparenting", "lawnmower parenting" or "cosseting parenting", this type of parenting happens when parents take too much responsibility for their children's journey-every successes, failures, and other experiences they have. They become overinvolved to their growth and development, being over-responsible parents. This can be one of the safest forms of modern parenting, but the effects can be unhealthy both for the parent and child.

Attachment Parenting

The main aspiration for attachment type of modern parenting is to establish and maintain a close emotional connection between a parent and child. This approach is being preferred because parents look forward to quickly respond to the needs of their children. Parents doing this must be sensitive enough at the same disposable to their children's emotions.

Narcissistic Parenting

This parenting approach uses the parent's need to become the better version of themselves to motivate and give what they thought is needed by their children. Unfortunately, these parents are only invaded by their personal needs and are eager to have everything to revolve in their children.

Positive Parenting

The focus on positive parenting is for the child's empowerment. Their love and support are always there to get the best of what they have for their child.

Unconditional Parenting

One of the most tried and trusted approaches in modern parenting, the general idea of unconditional parenting is that parents have to love their children, no matter what happens in their lives. Parents continue to love and support their children and this has always been their way to show full acceptance to these kids.

Spiritual Parenting

Rooted from the perspective of eastern spirituality hundreds of years ago, parents applying spiritual parenting focus on self-awareness, a deep emphasis on an individual and his connection to what is happening at the present and having religious connotations.

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