What do I do with my baby bed ???

What do I do with my baby bed ???

No other babies on the way? No ideas for "What to do with this!"?

No problem! We are there for you!

Our Bebelelo beds

No stress. There are several possible ideas to decorate the nursery without losing our initial investment, especially that the Bebelelo beds are modular.

You can transform it in such a way that it is pure genius!

Convertible bed!

And yes, to do this, the bed takes the cradle stage, to migrate to the junior transition stage. In between, there are the different height levels of the mattress.

Then we can also remove the security barrier, then head to an adult bed.

Junior bed

Many parents do not want to transfer their children to a double bed from the start and we understand them completely. That's why Bebelelo thought of you.

We offer bunk beds, but be careful! Bunk beds right upstairs. Why? Because once the safety barrier has been removed from the baby's bed, the baby can perfectly fit under the bunk bed and form a study sofa or children's play area.

Baby surprise

Oh? Finally need the baby bed? But it's great! You can still use your Bebelelo bed and also slide a changing table into it without changing rooms or disturbing anything!

Ask your bebelelo advisor for more information on the multitude of possibilities available to you.

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