Organize for baby's arrival

Organize for baby's arrival

Baby ... Baby ... Baby?!? Hen what? 2 months? AHHHHHH! I HAVE NOTHING READY !!!!! 


Has this ever happened to you? Don't worry, you are not alone. 

Here we will roughly fly over the essential points to cover for the arrival of baby. 

You will find the Indispensables series in our next blogs to help you better, piece by piece

1 - Transport 

Here in Canada, we are one of the strictest countries when it comes to security. This is why you need a good shell seat for your baby. My favorites are Nuna and Babyjogger. 

You can also have an all-in-one seat that will allow you to be equipped for years to come. Personally, I have a weakness for Diono and Britax.


2 - The stroller

And yes, you need one. It depends a lot on your needs. See the blog we have created for you on the subject of stroller types, this will help you quickly sort it out. 


3 - Baby's room 

It requires some thoughts ... Simple or thematic? Quite a question! 

We're going to laugh, but I have to say the same. The essential is the bed and the changing table. Just with that, we start to be in business. 

See more in detail in our new series The Indispensables. 


4 - Sticky notes 

At this stage, the small essential things are the provisions of diapers, clothes, shampoo ... Little things that people usually offer us at the Shower. 


No more questions? Do not hesitate to see your Bebelelo advisor or our Events area to book your personalized meeting! 

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