How to go from a baby bed to a junior bed?

bebelelo baby bed

The galley ... It is really a question that parents often ask. Don't worry, you have a few solutions down here. 

Do not forget that you can also contact our Bebelelo advisers for each question. 


1 - The barriers 

The most common are barriers. If your baby bed is a Bebelelo, there is a simple barrier to allow your child to sleep safely and migrated to a large bed without fear. This allows him to get used to it and gradually remove the barrier so that junior does not fall out of bed. 

Just go and see in the section provided for this purpose. 


2 - The cushions

A technique old like the world, but it has proven itself. 

It consists of placing cushions around the bed to protect the growing baby. The child thus learns from his "mistakes" and to sleep well quickly. 

(Personally I put like 4 feet of cushion width just to be sure hihi!) 


3 - Surrounded by doggie

A bit the same principle as cushions but with doggies in the bed. 

The child feels safe and will instinctively stop in contact with the doggies. Ok, this has already seen a baby sleeping on his doggies, but if you see your child doing this, avoid this tip. Or add option 2 hihi 


4 - Trust yourself

It is often the most difficult. It is our treasure. Ensuring his safety is our priority. 

If you want to secure yourself, you can always put a small camera in the bedroom, or bring something close to the bed to soothe you. 

Trust yourself. The children are smart and very resourceful. 



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