The kitchen ? The horror! How to get out of it?

bebelelo kitchen

Wow ... The nightmare! 

As bizarre as it is, it's so common! Especially with children and the arrival of baby. 

But what to do? How to get out of it? 

Here are some tips to help you


1 - The wealth of Tupperware

And yes, how did they make their fortunes? With families. The genius? Stack the boxes and compartmentalize everything! 

No need to pay the total for this. You have plenty of alternatives to keep it going. (Dollarama pot / Betty Cocker / etc.)


2 - Adapted furniture

Organizing your kitchen is one of the major keys you can use. You are the queen (or king) of your kitchen and it's up to you to create the sections for everything. Even put sticky notes or stickers on the doors to indicate where is what. See our kitchen furniture to meet your needs 


3 - Glass jars

Like Cinderella and her glass shoe, there are several pots for you, each one for something. See and organize your fridge, your shelves? The dream! Much more accessible than you think. 

Use this simple trick. You will savor all the joys


4 - Good habits 

Crazy dishes? hu hu! No no. Take the good habits of '' You start something, you finish it! No but! '' (Get used to saying this phrase hihi) 

Don't let the '' let go '' settle. For you as for all. You use, you wash, you put away. So we avoid piling everything up. You will also realize how much you use only part of your kitchen. A tiny fraction. This will save you money. Which brings us to our penultimate point 

5 - Minimalism 

Yes yes, in the kitchen, it's possible. How to avoid overflows and accumulations? By applying point 4, you will realize that you don't need all of this. So you can resell the surplus and / or sell it. You lighten up and force yourself to institute a good habit. 


6 - Plan the week 

Hihi and yes. How to make it simple? Take 2hrs on Sunday (if possible) and plan your meals for the week. There are sites where you can even have your shopping list! 

To do this, you limit excess meals and you limit the wave of "Ahhhhhhhhh! What am I doing tonightrrrrrrrr !!!! '' 


Do you have any other tips? Write us in the comments! 

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