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Les Indispensables Series - Baby's Bedroom

Les Indispensables Series - Baby's Bedroom 0

You are here in one of the 6 parts of the Les Indispensables series.

Here, we will see what furniture and accessory it is imperative to have in the bedroom in order to accommodate baby.

The furniture

It may sound silly, but it is important to have some, of good quality and that will serve you for a very long time. On this point, Bebelelo can help you.

Depending on the space you have in the room, you will have access to some furniture that will be your daily basis. Such as double desks, standing desks, changing tables or baby cots.

Why? Because without them, you will not survive the ton of useful accessories, which we will see a little later.

The minimum is the convertible baby bed that Bebelelo offers you as well as a good changing table that will transform into a storage unit later.


Here, no need to take the lead for the decor. It's more for us who will live there every day. A carpet is a very useful accessory both for safety and for decoration. Baby can play it safely.

The frames will decorate the walls and embellish the room. Also remember that you can use hollow frames to place the items close at hand.


Here we will not talk about tons of clothes, nor layers.

But it is important to provide yourself with a flap bin, talcum powder, biodegradable cleaning towel as well as a towel.

Prefer cotton towels, clean, stored in a closet protected from dust. I would not advise you too much to bring a bottle of aloe or moisturizer.

Remember the important thing. In Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of product, there is the one that suits you. The job of our advisers is to direct you to what you really need!

To do this, you can reach us at any time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in branch, Laval, Longueuil ou TKings-Rivières!

Have a nice visit

What do I do with my baby bed ???

What do I do with my baby bed ??? 0

No other babies on the way? No ideas for "What to do with this!"?

No problem! We are there for you!

Our Bebelelo beds

No stress. There are several possible ideas to decorate the nursery without losing our initial investment, especially that the Bebelelo beds are modular.

You can transform it in such a way that it is pure genius!

Convertible bed!

And yes, to do this, the bed takes the cradle stage, to migrate to the junior transition stage. In between, there are the different height levels of the mattress.

Then we can also remove the security barrier, then head to an adult bed.

Junior bed

Many parents do not want to transfer their children to a double bed from the start and we understand them completely. That's why Bebelelo thought of you.

We offer bunk beds, but be careful! Bunk beds right upstairs. Why? Because once the safety barrier has been removed from the baby's bed, the baby can perfectly fit under the bunk bed and form a study sofa or children's play area.

Baby surprise

Oh? Finally need the baby bed? But it's great! You can still use your Bebelelo bed and also slide a changing table into it without changing rooms or disturbing anything!

Ask your bebelelo advisor for more information on the multitude of possibilities available to you.

Explanation of the Bebelelo accompaniment kits

Explanation of the Bebelelo accompaniment kits 0

At Bebelelo, we are committed to offering you more and doing more.

Here, we will explain to you why your Bebelelo provides you with Accompaniment Kit for your purchases.

See more ... Do more

This is our motto! This is why on a lot of items in store, Bebelelo offers you several possibilities to be able to '' upgrade '' your purchase.

Often companies offer you the bare minimum without showing you the benefits of the rest.

Why? Sales issues. At Bebelelo, we are committed to offering you the best, which is why we offer people the opportunity to improve their purchases with unbeatable prices.

A minimum of 3 choices

Why? Because it's your baby you're building. It's your future!

We will always offer you the best option.

So often you have the option of choosing our Premium, Excellence and Deluxe offers.

Ask your Bebelelo for advice.

Single or mixed items

Bebelelo is a world of infinite possibility.

It's a universe that you create at home. Part of us in you and your unborn child.

This is why we will often offer accessories to facilitate your daily life and especially sustainability.

Ask a Bebelelo advisor to inform you about all the possibilities available to you.

How to go from a baby bed to a junior bed?

How to go from a baby bed to a junior bed? 0

The galley ... It is really a question that parents often ask. Don't worry, you have a few solutions down here.

Do not forget that you can also contact our Bebelelo advisers for each question.

1 - The barriers

The most common are barriers. If your baby bed is a Bebelelo, there is a simple barrier to allow your child to sleep safely and migrated to a large bed without fear. This allows him to get used to it and gradually remove the barrier so that junior does not fall out of bed.

Just go and see in the section provided for this purpose.

2 - The cushions

A technique old like the world, but it has proven itself.

It consists of placing cushions around the bed to protect the growing baby. The child thus learns from his "mistakes" and to sleep well quickly.

(Personally I put like 4 feet of cushion width just to be sure hihi!)

3 - Surrounded by doggie

A bit the same principle as cushions but with doggies in the bed.

The child feels safe and will instinctively stop in contact with the doggies. Ok, this has already seen a baby sleeping on his doggies, but if you see your child doing this, avoid this tip. Or add option 2 hihi

4 - Trust yourself

It is often the most difficult. It is our treasure. Ensuring his safety is our priority.

If you want to secure yourself, you can always put a small camera in the bedroom, or bring something close to the bed to soothe you.

Trust yourself. The children are smart and very resourceful.

Organize for baby's arrival

Organize for baby's arrival 0

Baby ... Baby ... Baby?!? Hen what? 2 months? AHHHHHH! I HAVE NOTHING READY !!!!!

Has this ever happened to you? Don't worry, you are not alone.

Here we will roughly fly over the essential points to cover for the arrival of baby.

You will find the Indispensables series in our next blogs to help you better, piece by piece

1 - Transport

Here in Canada, we are one of the strictest countries when it comes to security. This is why you need a good shell seat for your baby. My favorites are Nuna and Babyjogger.

You can also have an all-in-one seat that will allow you to be equipped for years to come. Personally, I have a weakness for Diono and Britax.

2 - The stroller

And yes, you need one. It depends a lot on your needs. See the blog we have created for you on the subject of stroller types, this will help you quickly sort it out.

3 - Baby's room

It requires some thoughts ... Simple or thematic? Quite a question!

We're going to laugh, but I have to say the same. The essential is the bed and the changing table. Just with that, we start to be in business.

See more in detail in our new series The Indispensables.

4 - Sticky notes

At this stage, the small essential things are the provisions of diapers, clothes, shampoo ... Little things that people usually offer us at the Shower.

No more questions? Do not hesitate to see your Bebelelo advisor or our Events area to book your personalized meeting!

No school? Oh there! What do we do!?!

No school? Oh there! What do we do!?! 0

No school? Oh there! What do we do!?!

Do not worry. Here are some ideas to help you in your day to keep the little ones busy.

1 - Painting

An unbeatable. Personally I always keep an old piece of cardboard or a washable surface to allow them to play drawing.

No paint? You can do it at home, completely safe! All it takes is a little research on the web, food coloring, flour, water and sugar.

2 - Plasticine

Yes, another must. Just give them some pasta to brighten them up for a few hours!

No pasta? Again, we can make it homemade! In just a few minutes!

3 - Disney session

Even we like it. Plan a Disney session with an old comforting movie. What better!

Here, no treats, but a good little healthy snack! It's their rewards for helping you make the snack.

4 - Do not forget

Our children are stingy with discovery. Include them in your daily tasks as a game. Let your imagination run wild! Nothing takes a Peter Pan heart!

Any other game ideas? Write them in comment!