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Les literies Bebelelo? 3 trucs à savoir!

Les literies Bebelelo? 3 trucs à savoir!

Souvent, on se demande pourquoi acheter une literie plutôt qu'une autre. Cela se joue sur beaucoup de choses.

La qualité, tout d'abord, mais aussi les images, est-ce nocif pour notre bébé? Des risques pour les fils? Des tons personnalisés? Des ensembles tout compris? 

Tellement de petites choses qui font toute la différence! 

Ici, nous allons voir ensemble 3 points importants à savoir à propos des literies de votre Bebelelo! 


1. Fait sur Mesure 

Des designs fabriqués sur mesure, des tons uniques, Bebelelo fait une sélection très minutieuse pour vous, afin de vous offrir le plus de variété, à des prix ultra concurrentiel. 

Fait sur mesure pour vous, ces literies seront vous ravir par leurs couleurs, leurs authenticités et leurs qualités. 

Nos mamans en sont ravies et nous recevons régulièrement des photos qui nous font sourire! 

Voyez nos literies 4 Morceaux 


2. Produits d'ici 

Fier de son entreprise familiale, Bebelelo tient à offrir des produits d'ici le plus possible. 

C'est pourquoi nos literies sont des produits d'ici, pur de chez pur, afin de correspondre au mieux à vos besoins et à vos désirs d'encourager notre communauté! 

Voir nos literies 5 Morceaux

3. Sécuritaire! 

Nos enfants sont nos bijoux, notre avenir, nos amours. Nous voulons avant tout les protéger! Cela commence dès le début. 

Testées pour la sécurité de nos enfants, les literies de Bebelelo offrent tout le luxe possible pour avoir l'esprit tranquille! 

Nous avons pensé à vous! Résistante aux tâches, elle est aussi ultra confortable! Fait sous une surveillance très attentive sur chaque produit, elle offre le must sur le marché! 

Voici les literies 7 Morceaux!

Bonus! Cela donne du style à votre chambre de bébé en un claquement de doigt! 

Rappelez-vous l’important. Chez Bebelelo, nous souhaitons vous aider, vous assister et pour chaque type de produits, il y a celui ou celle qui vous correspond. Le travail de nos conseiller(e)s est de vous orienter vers ce que vous avez réellement besoin!

Pour ce faire, vous pouvez nous rejoindre en tout temps sur Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, notre site web et au (450) 937-5570

Ou en Succursale, Laval, Longueuil ou Trois-Rivières!

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Dog and baby? A controversial subject

Dog and baby? A controversial subject

Who has not read any articles in the paper about the ferocity of dogs, but who has not seen the touching video of the dog rocking baby's paw?

I am going to be very elusive on some points about this, but I will still get to the bottom of things. There is only one way to solve this thorny question ...

You know your dog better than us! That's the answer.
However, it must be realized that the dog can suffer abandonment if he is not prepared. He may not be speaking, but he feels more things than you can think.

Just like a human member, you have to let him feel your belly, teach him that everything is ok, that everything will be fine.

You can talk to your dog, as strange as it sounds. He will understand in the long run.

Above all, you will notice her behavior change before you even know that you are pregnant. They have a ... Sixth sense for that if you want. Either it will be more sticky, more protective. Either he will be distant, and even aggressive. Everyone will react in his own way. But that will give you a good sign for his future reaction.

It is rare for me to see dogs reacting badly to the arrival of a child if he has been helped and prepared before.

It remains a full family member after all.

Remember that educators can reassure you and help you in your journey before giving birth if you wish. They are a great help in removing an extra stress period that you really do not need.
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Dodo in the room or not? 3 tips!

Dodo in the room or not? 3 tips!

Often, our clients end up with a ... Case of conscience for the least surprising. Should baby sleep in the room or not?

Here we will simply answer it with three simple tips that will bring both sides together.

Know this first. As I often tell my clients, baby is currently sleeping on your spine. I'm not telling you, but it's not comfortable for one or the other.

When baby makes his first cuckoo, he can sleep on the floor (this is metaphorical, no advice).

However, there is indeed a debate about it and between you and me, it depends on the parents.

Here are the 3 tips we offer today:

1. Invest in a good baby park!
I do not know how many times my park saved my life in the early days.

If only for its practical side, easily transportable. In addition, we can change baby inside, a charm! Waterproof, no fear for small damage and I can do the housework calmly.

To sleep, just bring the park into the bedroom and you're done!

Bonus: Here is the park we recommend
Bebelelo - Nuna Sena - Baby Park Nuna Sena Park is among the best ever seen.

Solid, of the highest quality, it is perfect to accompany you for a long time and offer your child joy and many nights of sleep. His mattress is among the most comfortable and its folding is magic! 2 more floors! To have

2. Put baby bed in the adult's room
Often used by parents, this tip is remarkable when it comes time for Baby to make the transition between daddy with mom and dad and the bedroom alone.

Looking for a good bed? I will not be too advised to come to see them in store or to surf on the page of the Crib of our website for more details.

3. A good combination of both
Often, people are undecided between the two choices mentioned above. I reassure them immediately. Baby adapts.

The best I can advise you from experience is a combination of both. Why? Because even if baby sleeps in the room with the parents, in his nuna park, nothing will prevent him from taking his naps in his big bed, in his room, to understand that the two places belong to him.

It is imperative to start the young jump. So, maybe where you will be, visiting the beautiful family, traveling or in the basement of the house, baby will not be indisposed. He will be at home.

Remember the important thing. At Bebelelo, we want to help you, assist you and for each type of products, there is the one who corresponds to you. The job of our counselors is to direct you to what you really need!

To do this, you can reach us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and at (450) 937-5570

Or in Succursale, Laval, Longueuil or Trois-Rivières!

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